Member Benefits
Membership has its privileges. In addition to meeting and conversing with a broad group of S2000 enthusiasts, membership offers:

  • Access to S2K Days, a members-only national club event.
  • Upload images to the S2KCA Photo Gallery.
  • S2KCA Logo Items with membership and renewal packages.
  • Access to member only forums and articles.

S2KCA Board of Directors

President: Jim R (joephotographer)

Vice Pres: Rose Mary E (Irish Rose)

Treasurer: Alex C (asnbanker)

Secretary: Fred E (Fredric)

NE RD: Tom M (wtmohr)

SE RD: Ken F (kgf3076)

SC RD: Jim C (s1997)

MW RD: David T (Scooterboy)


SW RD: Mark W (AZS2KDancer)



Shannon D (LagunaBlue)

Jeff S (Stratocaster)

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S2000 Club of America (S2KCA) is a volunteer organization created and driven by enthusiasm and member efforts with a focus on fun and friendship while sharing the enjoyment of our S2000s. JOIN UP and see what we are all about!

History of S2KCA
The S2000 Club of America was founded in April of 2001 by Greg Stevens, Brad Stahl, and Sondra Sondregger. After being involved in, and observing several other enthusiast sites and clubs, the founding three had a vision for S2000 owners: a not-for-profit club which is run by owner enthusiasts for owner enthusiasts. The planning for such a club started in earnest in late 2000 and with the very generous help and guidance of the NSXCA (NSX Club of America), the S2000 Club of America (S2KCA) became a reality in April of 2001.

S2KCA was announced and launched at the very first S2KDays in Asheville, North Carolina the weekend of April 27-29, 2001 at a gathering of 94 cars and owners which, at the time, was a staggering number of S2000s to have in one place. Every paid attendee and sponsor at that first S2KDays was given a one year membership, making our membership rolls boast over 100 members from its inception! It was a great weekend of putting faces to names we had all become so familiar with, geeking out on S2000s, and making new friends!

S2KDays became our flagship event: attendance is limited to club members as a benefit of membership, and generous sponsorships from American Honda over the years have helped make the event extra special. Subsequent S2KDays events have taken place annually and have rotated around the United States (2003 in Austin, TX; 2004 in Breckenridge, CO; 2005 in Las Vegas, NV; 2006 in San Antonio, TX; 2007 in Belterra, IN; 2008 in Lake George, NY; 2009 in San Francisco, CA; 2010 in Asheville, NC; 2011 in Black Hills, SD; 2012 in Golden, CO; 2013 in Atlanta, GA; 2014 in Hood River, OR; 2015 in Cumberland Falls, KY; 2016 in Durango, CO; 2017 in Fredericksburg, TX; 2018 in SoCal). And the trips to and from S2KDays often prove to be half the fun and excitement, with many members opting to share their cross country adventures on line as well as with groups aravanning along the way. Epic journeys from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic to the Pacific have been chronicled and shared by our members. Many great regional and local events have been organized including a tour of the upper Great Lakes, several Winter Wine Tours in California, weekend drives on the Dragon in Tennessee, a weeklong driving tour of the Southwest, a driver education event at Laguna Seca, and scores of local meets, dinners, and other activities hosted by the many chapters that form the S2000 Club of America.

Fueled solely by volunteers and their enthusiasm, the club is led by a board of directors, who are also unpaid volunteers elected by the membership for two year terms. Positions on the board include the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Regional Directors who represent six different sectors of the United States. Regional Directors coordinate efforts between the national level and the local Chapter Directors, who oversee and create activities in their immediate communities. However, even outside of these elected and appointed positions, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute and shape the club as a member volunteer, as many dedicated members demonstrate regularly.

In the many years since its creation, S2KCA has evolved and changed, but our focus remains the same: friendships forged and our love for this amazing car. The close bonds formed mean that many members remain active in the club long after moving on to different cars! Our Club events build enthusiasm and encourage camaraderie, and they occur nationwide in various locations around the US. The next S2KDays and the next regional event are always in the planning stages.

So click JOIN and get in on the fun!

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